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We are a highly interdisciplinary research group sitting at the intersection of physics, biochemistry, and data science, and we actively welcome applications from applicants from any scientific background. Since we work in a highly indisciplinary area, you do not need to have experience in all areas of a project in order to apply, as all necessary training will be provided, and tailored to the applicants scientific background and skill set. However, most positions will require at least an interest in programming/statistics/data science.

For all enquiries, please contact

Postdocs and PhD positions

If you’re interested in working with us and we don’t have a position currently advertised, please contact us anyway. We are always interested in supporting fellowship applications from early-career researchers, so if you have an idea you want to discuss, and the possibilities available to you, drop us an email.

Master’s Students

We welcome contact from Master’s students that are interested in doing projects within the group. We do not advertise specific Master’s projects, but we will always have several available, linked to our various research themes. If you have specific research interests, let us know and we will try to tailor the project to you.

Group Values

We want this group to be a welcoming place for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationaility, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We believe in enabling and supporting group members regardless of family commitments, age or disability. We hold ourselves to high standards and expect the same of those that work with us, so that we can build a welcoming, productive and collaborative work environment.

Current Vacancies

Unfortunately we don't have any vacancies right now -- please check back later.